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About us...

Located in the heart of Dublin City, Trinity Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Centre has consistently been a leading  natural health practice for over 14 years. We specialise in the reliable and effective natural treatment of LOWER BACK PAIN, SCIATICA, SHOULDER PAIN, NECK PAIN and HEADACHES or any of a host of other structural or mobility ailments,  for more than 14 years.


We are renowned for our friendliness and our attention to detail with regard to overall patient care, is second to none. 

All our Practitioners are fully qualified, certified and insured.

(For more details on Insurance Cover, please enquire at reception)


Our  methods do not involve the use of drugs or surgery, but are indeed often used as a complimentary treatment for patients who are under the care of a Medical Doctor. Where necessary, our practitioners may refer  patients to an  appropriate  Medical Specialist.



Northern Lights


To provide a natural healthcare service to our patients, in a safe, ethical, friendly environment to the highest professional         standards.

Northern Lights


To help our patients  regain their
optimum structural function and mobility, thus enabling them to achieve their best possible physical wellbeing.

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