top of page's beginning to look a lot like...

...people are turning their attention towards the Christmas holiday season again!

It seems to come around so quickly every year, as soon as Summer fades into Autumn, it's upon us...

...whether you love it, or hate it, it can't be denied, it's always full of colour and music, presents, parties and entertainment with friends and family and above all...scrumptious food.

And though we all do love the food(most of us), lets be honest, so much of it just has far too much of the sugary stuff in it and even if it tastes great to the senses, we know so well it 'aint doing us much good health wise.

...and you might agree one doesn't need a degree in dietary or nutritional science to see it for yourself...

We're not nutrition or dietary experts here at Trinity Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Centre but we do encourage our patients to follow sensible eating habits, even at Christmas!! without being too Grinchy or Scroogey about it, if we were to pass on any health tips for the coming season, try your best to keep the sugar intake to the minimum and give yourself a worthy present that will last you a lifetime!!!

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