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You can't beat a good stretch!

Hi All,

I was speaking to some of the practitioners today here at Trinity and they gave me some tips on “Stretching” after you've had a treatment.

(Now in case you don't know what stretching is, it's basically a physical exercise that requires you to put a body part like an arm or a leg in a certain position that will lengthen it, stretch it or elongate muscle or muscle group in the leg or arm or shoulder, which will then help to enhance the flexibility and the elasticity of the limb and loosen up the muscles therein.)

One of them actually made a very good analogy in saying that “Stretching” after you've had a treatment whether it's physio or chiropractic is the equivalent of putting hair conditioner in your hair after shampooing it.

So if you've just had a chiropractic or physio treatment here and it all went well etc, later when you are at home that evening you could just use stretching techniques and they would can actually it help to relax your muscles and can actually increase the blood flow in the affected areas, which obviously helps the body’s healing processes. It even encourages the release of endorphins and I can provide a sense of tranquillity.

Stretching directly before bed can even give you a more comfortable sleeping experience.

For more detailed information on this, do you remember to ask one of our practitioners after you've had your treatment.

Best of luck


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